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Butterfly valve

Butterfly valve

Wafer w / centering holes for PN10 / 16, EPDM / EPT seat

Application: Liquids, gases and powdered media (depending on seat type)

  • Double O-ring seal in spindle, as well as bottom bearing in bronze bushing and top bearing in partial bushing for long life

  • Short construction dimensions and low weight

  • Interchangeable seat

  • Mounting flange ISO 5211 for easy mounting of pneumatic or electric actuator

General data


Material: Cast iron ASTM A 126-B w / blue coating (Ductile cast iron ASTM A395 ≥ DN700)

Pressure class:PN16: DN40-600 PN10 ≥ DN700

Flap: Stainless steel AISI 316 (ΔP 16bar DN40-100 ΔP 10bar ≥ DN125)

Spindle: Stainless steel AISI 410

Handle / notch disc: DN40 - 300: FCD 45-SG iron / galvanized steel

Reduction gear: DN200 - 300: SG iron

Seat: EPDM / EPT

Installation dimensions: DIN 3202-K1 / ISO 5752 table 5 short

Mounting flange: ISO 5211

Connection: Clamping between DIN flanges PN10 / PN16

Temperature: EPDM: -10 ° C to + 120 ° C

Variants: Pneumatic or electric actuator, Lugged type, Seat type (NBR, Viton), Folding material (Al-Br, SG iron)

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