KeepRite Refrigeration

KeepRite Refrigeration

159 Roy Blvd., Brantford Ontario, Canada N3R 7K1

KFL-Large Direct Drive Fluid Coolers

KFL-Large Direct Drive Fluid Coolers

Direct Drive Fluid Coolers for use with water or glycol/water mixtures as fluids for:

  • Process Fluid Cooling

  • Glycol and “Free Cooling” for Computer Room (Data Center) Cooling

  • Secondary Heat Exchangers

  • Secondary Fluid for Supermarket Systems

  • Remote Radiators for Diesel or Gas Engines


  • Narrow width design to suit shipment in containers.

  • Standard 850 RPM quiet low speed dual voltage (230/460) fan motors with male electrical plug, moisture slinger, and rainshield for complete weather protection.

  • Swept wing fan for quiet operation and optimal efficiency

  • Rugged heavy-gauge galvanized steel rail

  • All fan sections individually baffled with full height partitions, and clean-out panels.

  • Complete selection of electrical fan cycling and speed control options.

  • Heavy-gauge galvanized steel cabinet construction assembled with zinc plated huck bolts supported on heavy-duty legs.

  • 24” legs

  • Terminal block

  • Single entering electrical service

  • Control circuit voltage – 230 V

  • Control circuit transformer where applicable

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