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Rotary Filter

Rotary Filter

The Sinclair Rotary is a non-pressurized gravity filter in which the liquid is distributed inside a slowly rotating drum.

Particles in the liquid are retained on the inside of the screen covering the drum and are carried upwards and over a trough within the drum where the particles are washed off by an external shower pipe into the reject trough.

The filtered water is collected in a vat beneath the drum and the collected particles are carried out from the drum by means of piping connected to the particle collection trough.


  • Filtration of size and dilute coatings

  • Filtration of press effluent

  • Clarified white water

  • Reclaiming of fillers and whiteners

  • Water intake filters

  • Other effluent filtration control areas


  • Completely automatic

  • Easy installation

  • Low maintenance cost

  • Self cleaning

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