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Bottom Die Cut Handle for SOS paper sacks

Bottom Die Cut Handle for SOS paper sacks

HBP Universal Bottom Die Cut Handle Application for SOS paper sacks .

This application allows to punch/die cut a “punched handle” in a patch paper for SOS square bottom paper sacks in standard paper sacks making machines ( e.g. Triumph 3, F&K, New Long etc.) .

The final result is coming as in the picture above .

In this supplying is not planned the installation of the un-winder unit for bottom patch paper .

The application is composed by a mechanical frame ( see picture ) that will be integrated in the SOS paper bags making machine and will allows to die-cut a punched handle on the paper bottom patch strip .

The following cut off and positioning of the patch will be made by the standard system of the SOS making machine .

The Application includes also :

– Die Cut Unit to punch the handle in the paper bottom patch .

– Draws and die cut plans customized on the customer’s machine .

– Die Cut movement and positioning by automatic servo motors .

– Die Cut technology as punching .

– Touch Screen operation interface .

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