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EPROMI Production Analytics

EPROMI Production Analytics

EPROMI Production Analytics
Production Management

EPROMI supplies data from the inspection and production environment for statistical analyses. This then provides the basis for fact-based decisions on the following questions and more:

Are all production lines equally efficient?

Does one line produce goods at higher quality more frequently than another?

Are defect numbers increasing?

Are trends developing?

The ECOCKPITs support you in answering these and further questions with just a few clicks. Clear and comparative displays immediately show potential for optimization.

You can use the ECOCKPITs for weekly reports or as a foundation for your decision making process.

Visualization of Measurement Results

EPROMI brings together data from various systems, analyses, and connects it in an intelligent manner.
Enterprise Production Management Intelligence

The EPROMI software solution brings together the mostly isolated data from inspection systems and distributed production plants, connects it intelligently, and presents the results in clear ECOCKPITs. Implementing procedures based on the analysis findings increases the yield of production lines considerably.

The ECOCKPITs incorporate ISRA’s 30 years of experience from eight industrial segments to provide answers to fundamental questions for specific users and industries. The ECOCKPITs display the analyzed data in a clear and understandable form. Predefined or individual ECOCKPITs can be used as required.

Using predefined ECOCKPITs and preset data connections provides access to the data within just one day.

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