Company : Huhnseal AB

Category : Pumps and Mixers

Double cartridge seal

Huhnseal BA is a unique double cartridge seal. With the springs located on the atmospheric side, outside the seal, they are protected against particles that can clog-up the spring movement. For product temperatures below 80ºC and speeds less than 1,450rpm, it is possible to flush the seal dead-ended, which means there is no consumption of sealing water.


Type BF is a single cartridge seal in the same basic configuration as the BA type seal. The springs are here also located on the atmospheric side, and as such are protected against the pumped product.


Huhnseal BD is a completely new design with a very narrow radial configuration, which means that the seal is easy to fit into a stuffing box without any changes to the box. The first prototype was a retrofitted into a KSB pump for glue, which achieved very good results.

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