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Holmen INNR

Holmen INNR

Fluting and interliner for light-weight containerboard

Our light-weight product range for containerboard has grown. Go lighter without losing strength. Holmen INNR is the key to climate-smart packaging.

Holmen INNR changes the market from within

Holmen INNR is a fresh-fibre fluting medium and interliner paper for containerboard. Compared to traditional containerboard components, it is lightweight yet still strong. Holmen INNR 73 gsm is a great replacement for a standard recycled 80-85 gsm fluting paper. If you need 10 000 m2, you only have to buy 730 kg instead of 800–850 kg. That is a reduction of between 9 and 16 percent paper. Less weight also means less carbon footprint. Holmen INNR has an impressively low carbon footprint compared to the average recycled based fluting on the market. Learn more about how you can lightweight your products by using Holmen INNR and see other calculation examples below. 

 How does light-weight fluting work?

Holmen INNR is a containerboard component that is sturdy for its weight. In the production process, mechanical separation of the wood fibres lets them keep their relative stiffness and elasticity. Allowing for a fluting medium that is lighter, but still strong and stable. We call this light-weight fluting. With its long fibres and smooth, even surface, the paper runs well through the corrugating and converting machines and reacts well to gluing.

The fluting is key for lightweighting packaging

When you calculate the weight of your end product, you will notice that changing the basis weight of the fluting has a big effect on the total weight. Especially when you design triple wall solutions. By using Holmen INNR in all the inner layers of a double or triple-wall containerboard, both as fluting and interliner, you can truly see the effect of lightweighting your containerboard components.

Why use interliner for containerboard?

What is interliner for containerboard, and why is it used? The interliner is a containerboard component that stabilizes the intermediate layers. It's a complement to the corrugated layers (fluting) and the liner. By using a light-weight interliner paper for the inner layers you can lower the total weight of your product, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Read more about the use of interliner here.

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