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Holmen Paper

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Holmen GIFT

Holmen GIFT

A wrapping paper that lives up to expectations

Holmen GIFT is a wrapping paper that comes with financial benefits and an apparent eco-profile. Holmen GIFT comes in different variations, so you can find the perfect product for your needs.

The next generation of wrapping paper

How about producing a wrapping paper that comes with several economic benefits? Holmen GIFT is the perfect choice. The reels are delivered for printing with extensive personal service. The paper has a clear eco-profile. With all its qualities and benefits, this product is a welcome gift from our well managed Swedish forests.

Sustainably managed Swedish forests

Holmen GIFT is produced from 100 percent fresh fibres from sustainably managed Swedish forests. The products are available with FSC® (FSC ID FSC-C020071), PEFC™/05-33-134 and EU Ecolabel certification. The production of Holmen GIFT has a low impact on the environment and the raw material used is 100 percent traceable. For more information, please see the carbon footprint calculations for our products.

Five versions, countless benefits

Each version has its own unique set of qualities to match your needs. They are all climate-smart papers made from fresh fibres – an eco-friendly and renewable raw material.

Holmen GIFT Rustic is an uncoated matt paper that comes with high brightness. It is packed with feeling and raw emotion and anything printed on this paper will make a striking impact. Holmen GIFT Silk is an uncoated paper with high brightness, good gloss and opacity. The soft and silky smooth surface engages the consumer’s emotions. Holmen GIFT Lite comes with top print gloss, high bulk, good brightness and opacity. A wrapping paper that enhances the customer experience of a good buy. Find out more about the different papers by speaking to a sales contact or ordering samples.

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