“G Varadan” filter is a tubular, in line pressure filter with reusable elements. It protects the process by removing contaminants from liquids.

Filtering elements are SS 316 wedge wire with openings from 25 microns upwards. The nature of the construction of elements facilitates backwashing and is very rigid to withstand pressures up to 75 Bar with internal reinforcements. Large free passage results in free flow of process liquid and ‘V” design ensures venturi effect during backwash.

Range of filters from Varadan includes Online filter, Duplex filter, Triplex filter, Multiplex filter and Auto self cleaning filter. Single filters are offered with flow rates as per customer requirements, up to 500 Lpm capacity. Duplex filters consist of two simple filter units connected in parallel through 2 way ball valves. Duplex filters are rated for the same output as single filter as in most applications one filter unit is valved off stream for cleaning ( backwashing ) while the other filter in operation continues filtering. Multiplex filter consists of three or more filter units’ valves in parallel to common header. The special feature of these filters is that they can be sequentially backwashed in place, while the other remains on stream.

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