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Gould Paper Corporation

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A major JP Gould National client regularly purchased a rare, customized substrate produced only in a few facilities worldwide.


Our longstanding supplier of the substrate ceased production in North America. The JP Gould National team needed to find another supplier before existing inventory ran out for our client.


Working in conjunction with our parent company, Japan Pulp and Paper, we located a new supplier in Japan. Given the lead time needed to get the new supplier up and running, our team worked with the original supplier to produce an interim solution—a last run of substrate, designed to last the client 12 months. We handled the financing, logistics, warehousing and management of the final U.S. inventory.


We used our global distribution expertise to bridge the two programs and ease the migration from existing stock to the new overseas supply. The new product is now fully in place, with regular shipments arriving from Japan on a schedule planned and orchestrated by JP Gould National. The client is pleased with the new supply… and that production has continued nonstop.

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