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Single Wall Vending

Single Wall Vending

Single Wall Vending

The 12oz Max Single Wallpaper Cup has been developed to combine the proven reliability of the standard 12oz vending cup alongside the turret-capacity advantages of the 12oz SuperStacker.

  • The shape of the 12oz Max cup delivers a reduced cup spacing than a standard cup, meaning that the Max cup will deliver 35% more cups into each cup turret
  •  This additional cup fill provides a number of benefits to the vending operator: reduced machine refill visits, greater usage opportunities for twin turret machines and increased opportunities to site machines in high volume sites
  •  The 12oz Max cup has the same rim as its predecessors, meaning no need for any adjustments to cup dropping units. 
  • The 12oz Max cup has been fully tested by all major machine and component manufacturers

Packed with features

The 12oz Max is a development on our previously popular 12oz vending cup, whereby the max shape delivers an increase of up to 35% cups in a stack. Maintaining the existing 12oz rim diameter it is ideal for twin turret and high-volume sites.


Ultra-tight rim roll, engineered for superior performance, to optimise side wall rigidity, ensure a secure hand hold, and perfect ‘snap-on’ lid fit.


Made from food grade PE (Polyethylene)


Made from PEFC accredited paper board sourced from sustainable forestry.


Printed with the Benders traceability code.

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