Quality lubricants

To power your operation to its highest level from forest to finishing and shipping, ExxonMobil offers a wide range of Mobil brand performance lubricants and an unparalleled suite of synthetics to excel in virtually every application in papermills, plywood mills, dimensional lumber mills, box board plants, medium density fiber board mills, and decorative product plants:


  • Mobil DTE PM series - high-quality, high-performance lubricants specifically designed for demanding industrial paper machine circulating systems
  • Mobilith AW series - high performance lithium-complex greases
  • Mobilux EP 0, 1, 2, 3, 460, 004 and 023 - a high performance family of five general-purpose industrial greases and two special-duty semi-fluid greases


ExxonMobil's services and programs range from lube maintenance-scheduling software to hydraulic system inspections and are applied through the expertise of our highly trained field engineering force. We ensure a lower cost of ownership through expenditure reductions, revenue enhancements, process improvements and asset reductions.

Other Products

Esso branded lubricants

Mobil lubricants and synthetics