Paper tension Controllers

  • Infrared Sheet Break Detectors
  • Wire/Felt Tension measuring devices (Load Cells) and display devices.
  • Paper tension Controllers for subsequent operations with measuring device (load cells) brake and digital controller.


Products for Corrugation Industry


E + L have been supplying state of the art Guiding and Tension Controlling Systems for Corrugated Board Manufacturing Machines.


ELTRAC - for guiding liner web exactly to the centerline of the single facer to reduce trimming and wastage of paper
CORRALIGNER - for guiding of the single web after unwinding on the bridge, through non crush rollers to prevent the damage to web edges
TENSION MASTER - for providing individual web tension control of the single faced boards on the bridge
Auto Guides for Belts.

Other Products

Cylindrical Auto Guides

Run-off alarms

Stretchers/ Tension Controllers