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Machine Surface Cleaning Solutions

Machine Surface Cleaning Solutions

Machine Surface Cleaning Solutions

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Maintaining clean surfaces of papermaking equipment is critical to operating a machine without defects and breaks. The paper machine wet-end is prone to deposition of scales, biological slimes, process additives, and fiber. The dryer section is prone to a buildup of grease, oils, and paper dust, which can become a flammability hazard. Coaters and size press must be clean to avoid sheet defects and breaks.

DuBois will work closely with your employees to ensure the proper procedures and trainings are established for safe and efficient foam/gel cleaning. DuBois can also provide equipment suited to your cleaning needs.

Key Technologies:

DuJel® Line

Gel cleaning applies a ready to use cleaning chemical solution in the form of a gel

A thin gel coat contacts a surface for an extended period of time (up to hours), and then freely rinses.

More economical and effective than other cleaning methods.

Various types of chemistry available for different mill applications


Designed for difficult soils, including greases and oils

Foaming formulas allow product to be applied via foam sprayer and cling to surfaces for prolonged contact time

Typical applications include dryer sections, size press, floors, and walkways

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