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Berson Inline UV

Berson Inline UV

Berson Inline UV

UV Disinfection Systems For Wastewater

First Closed Vessel UV System To Gain NWRI Validation For Wastewater Reuse

Closed vessel UV disinfection systems from Berson UV are the first in the world to be validated for wastewater reuse by NWRI* in the USA. The medium pressure systems have also been approved for wastewater reuse by the California Department of Health Services. The validation testing was undertaken by Carollo Engineers, who are recognised as leaders in validating and designing UV disinfection systems in the USA.

Wastewater reuse has been practised in the USA in various forms for decades and the country has led the way in reuse research during that time. Reuse is a major issue in the USA, where large areas of the Western and Southern states experience chronic water shortages. The problem is becoming more acute with population growth, with many of the most arid states, such as Nevada and Arizona, experiencing rapid increases in their urban populations in the 1990s. Large-scale reuse projects are now also being considered in other water-poor regions of the world such as Australia and Southern Europe.

The most common method of wastewater disinfection for reuse has long been chlorination. Despite chlorine’s impressive track record, concerns regarding disinfection by-products (DBPs) and, more recently, disinfection performance with respect to pathogen inactivation, are driving the conversion from chlorine disinfection to other disinfection methods such as UV, which does not produce any DBPs

Closed vessel UV systems are normally easy to install within existing pipework, so there is minimal disruption to plant operation. Day to day operation is simple and maintenance is minimal. The only regular requirement is changing the UV lamps and wiper rings once a year, a straightforward operation that can be carried out by on-site personnel.

Potential applications for wastewater reuse are extremely wide-ranging and include any instance where water is needed for non-potable use. The most popular and widespread use is for agricultural irrigation, with California and Florida leading the way in the USA. Other irrigation uses include landscape and recreational applications such as golf courses, parks, and lawns.

Reclaimed wastewater is also used for groundwater recharge applications such as aquifer storage and recovery or preventing saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers. Other uses include toilet and urinal flushing, fire fighting, foundation stabilisation in the construction

industry and artificial snow generation. In all these applications, reuse wastewater relieves the burden on existing municipal potable supplies.

“We are extremely pleased to have achieved this important first, working closely with Aquionics Inc in the USA,” commented Berson’s managing director Sjors van Gaalen. “Our method uses monitor cameras to actually measure how the UV systems are performing. This permits much greater control, and saves energy, when compared to the existing methods of applying crude safety factors to systems that use high numbers of lamps or are unwiped.”

Based in the Netherlands, Berson UV-techniek is a world leader in UV technology for a wide range of applications, including process, waste, drinking and swimming pool water treatment, dechlorination, ozone removal and TOC reduction. The company has over 30 years’ experience in the design, development, manufacture and distribution of UV systems worldwide.

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