Chenming Paper Group

Chenming Paper Group

2199 neosun Street Shouguang Shandong

Special paper series

Special paper series

Main Brands and Varieties

Thermal sensitive paper, Glassine

Weight Range


Main Production Subsidiaries

Shouguang Thermal Sensative Paper Mill, Wuhan Chenming

Characteristics of Products

  • High density of color development, clear coloration

  • Made of base paper of all wood pulp, good in appearance and texture

  • Strong surface intensity, good adaptability to printing and processing

  • Good wear resistence, non-stick to printing head, stable quality

  • Good proof-moisture and friction of coating, high efficiency in gumming and die cutting processing

  • Made of 100% imported high quality wood pulp, with super high paper strengh

  • Cobb absorption value less than 0.8, less silicone coating

  • Environmental protection, recyclable for degradation

  • Smooth and fine surface, high grade

  • Uniform thickness, adapt to die cutting

  • High temperature and contraction resistence, high transparency

Range of Application

Upscale adhesive backing paper

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