Chenming Paper Group

Chenming Paper Group

2199 neosun Street Shouguang Shandong

Industrial paper series

Industrial paper series

Main Brands and Varieties

Upscale yellow anti-sticking base paper, ordinary yellow/white anti-sticking base paper, bill base paper, cast coating base paper, PE paper, stripping base paper, white kraft paper

Weight Range


Main Production Subsidiaries

Shouguang Light Coated Paper Mill, Shouguang Special Paper Mill, Wuhan Chenming, Jiangxi Chenming, Zhanjiang Chenming

Characteristics of Products

Good evenness, high bursting strength, good surface smoothness, compound and crosscutting performance

Range of Application

Anti-sticking base paper is mainly used for producing the paper base of stripping paper and anti-sticking paper; cast coating base paper is used for producing adhesive paper or playcard compound paper.

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