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Bently Nevada

Minden, Nevada, United States

Velocity Sensors & Accelerometers

Velocity Sensors & Accelerometers

Experience the best in acceleration and velocity sensing tools built to withstand any environment

The evolution of our current Acceleration and Velocity sensing tools began with velocity sensors that offered a self-generating moving-coil design used by geologists to measure movement in the earth’s crust. Today we still refer to “seismic” sensors in a nod to their origin.

These early sensors yielded to the introduction of rugged solid-state accelerometers, later ushering in today’s integrated accelerometers that deploy signal processing circuitry for output signals using velocity rather than acceleration.

Our experience and expertise developed over decades offer a selection of first-rate casing-mounted accelerometers and velocity sensors with a variety of models for specific applications.

Why Choose Bently Accelerometers and Velocity Sensors?

Product Features

Bently Nevada's line of accelerometers, velometers, and other acceleration and velocity sensing tools each come with features to help keep your machinery in its best condition. Both can handle extreme heat. The velocity sensor is made to be self-powered, radiation-resistant, and flexible to suit your plant, while the acceleration sensor protects from electrical hazards and offers portable data collectors.

  • Withstands Extreme Heat
  • Flexible and Reliable
  • Radiation Resistant
  • Sense Low-Frequencies
  • Isolates Electricity
  • Withstands Extreme Heat
  • Monitors Gearmesh Frequencies
  • Fully Compatible with Portable Data Collectors

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