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Thermal oil heating system electrically operated

Thermal oil heating system electrically operated

Thermal oil heating systems are extremely efficient in heat transfer and have very low wear. The electrically-heated thermal oil heating system does not require an additional boiler and can therefore be integrated into existing systems in a particularly space-saving manner. In addition, particularly gentle and precise heating of the thermal oil can be achieved with the system. This makes the electric thermal oil plant suitable for almost all industries, both in the food industry and in pharmacological plants, for crude oil treatment and biogas refinement.

Up to 1100kW, 165 m3/h, 250°C

Includes a cooling unit

All Aura systems are individually designed and adapted to the respective requirements in a close partnership with our customers. designed and adapted for the respective requirements.

General product features:

Type of Heating

  • Electrical


Consumer Medium

  • Thermal Oil


Temperature Range

  • Up-to 400°C


Power Range

  • 20 kW up to 3000 kW



  • AExT

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