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ATS Electro-Lube’s TITAN OILER 2000 is the world’s most powerful single or multi point automatic oiler. This motor-driven lubricator is built on our proven ULTIMATE LUBER™ technology. The TITAN Oil lube system has an easily refillable large capacity, 1400cc (47 fl. oz.), tank and is perfect for most industrial oil lubrication applications where quality and reliability are needed. It has a built in low-level lubricant sensor to alert the user when the reservoir is low.

The microprocessor-controlled, energy-efficient motor is programmed by a user-friendly DIP switch. Easily set the lubrication cycle to empty the reservoir from 15 days to 2 years. The oil is dispensed in continuous pulses of 2cc, according to the lubrication cycle selected. This selection can be changed or turned off at any time.

The TITAN OILER™ has unrivaled power, dispensing lubricant at up to 2000 psi. This unbeatable pressure means that you can run extremely long lubrication lines and remote mount the unit 180 feet (60m) from the lube point. This is incredibly convenient, especially in terms of safety, for hazardous or hard to reach areas. Alternatively, you can use an oil distribution system to feed 12 application points with one unit. As always, neither temperature nor altitude will affect the output of our units. The TITAN can be used with any of our remote power and remote control options.


Consistently lubricates at intervals of your choice from 15 days to 2 years

Unbeatable power -THE MOST POWERFUL oiler on the market

Convenient and easily refillable 1.4L oil resevoir

Dispensing of lubricant is not affected by ambient temperature or fluctuations (within lubricant and luber paramaters)

‍‍‍Reduces workplace accidents by ‍‍‍safely working in dangerous or hard to reach areas

Can be remote mounted to 180 feet (60m) for safety and convenience

Extends equipment life by reliably lubricating

Prevents lubricant contamination

Reduces maintenance costs

Eliminates downtime for costly repairs

Simple installation and refilling without tools

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