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TITAN Cartridge Luber™

TITAN Cartridge Luber™


The TITAN Cartridge Luber™ is a powerful, motor-driven, automatic lubricator which is built on our proven ULTIMATE LUBER™ technology. The TITAN CL™ is refillable by simply replacing a standard grease cartridge, as it’s name implies. It’s microprocessor-controlled, energy-efficient motor delivers grease to a fixed-displacement pump that produces pressures over 1000 psi. This unparalleled strength allows the TITAN CL™ to drive lubricant through long feed lines and to cycle progressive distributors to feed several lube points consecutively. When a valid dispensing cycle is selected on the easy to use DIP switch, the pump will activate at programmed intervals (dispensing lubricant from 15 days to 2 years). At each interval, the TITAN CL™ dispenses approximately 1.25cc of grease. Neither temperature nor altitude will affect the lubricant output.

Our TITAN units allow you to be maintenance free for up to 2 years and for added convenience we have built in low-level sensors that alert the user when the lubricant is near empty. When the grease cartridge needs to be replaced, doing so takes only seconds.

With ATS’ lubers you minimize risk to employees, there’s no downtime, no costly repairs from improper lubrication and the unit itself tells you when you need to replace the cartridge. It’s that simple!

The TITAN II LUBER™ has the same features as the TITAN CL™ except that it has twice the capacity. Our TITAN Oiler 2000 will handle all oil lubricant needs.


Consistently lubricates at intervals of your choice

Unrivaled power

Convenient and easy replaceable standard grease cartridge (14oz)

Dispensing of lubricant is not affected by ambient temperature or fluctuations (within lubricant and luber paramaters)

Reduces workplace accidents by mounting outside of dangerous or hard to reach areas

Can be remote mounted for safety and convenience

Extends equipment life by reliably lubricating

Prevents lubricant contamination

Reduces maintenance costs

Eliminates downtime for costly repairs

Simple installation and refilling without tools

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