ASGCO® "Complete Conveyor Solutions

ASGCO® "Complete Conveyor Solutions

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Speed and Force Of Belt Rolling

The Chevron™ secondary conveyor belt cleaner uses the speed and force of the belt rolling over our patented rubber disks. The unique rotary fingers are forced against the base of the chevrons to dislodge material from the belt.

Features & Benefits

NEW Bolt-Up™ Style Mounting – allows for easy adjustment up and down allowing cleaner pitch to be set with the turn of a wrench

More Durable, Solid Shaft – increased from 1” to 1.5”, decreases deflection across the length of the cleaner

Patented – concave shaped rubber discs perform a sweeping action to clean Chevron™, raised top or grooved conveyor belts

Sweeping Action – unique rotary fingers remove the carry-back and is designed to work only when the conveyor belt is running

Easy Maintenance – no motors, air nozzles, or other problematic equipment to maintain

Works Great – in the pulp and paper, fertilizer, potash, and other bulk material industries where chevron style belts are heavily used

Solid or Notched – 8” (200mm) diameter abrasion resistant rubber disks are available depending on the spacing of the chevrons and the conveyor belt speed

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