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SOMAS Ball Segment Valves

SOMAS Ball Segment Valves

The Somas ball segment valve offers high capacity and tight shut-off for steam, liquid, and mixed-phase applications.

Suitable for control as well as on-off applications, the Somas ball segment valve uses a one-piece ball segment and shaft design, resulting in backlash-free operation and accurate control. The segment moves out of the flow path minimizing the risk of clogging and increasing flow capacity. The seat can be replaced from the outside without the need to disassemble the valve, making the valve service-friendly. Available in stainless steel body materials only, Somas ball segment valves are customized using a variety of trim materials, operators, and instrumentation. Operator and instrumentation is selected to ensure optimal field performance.

  • Control and on/off

  • Stainless steel and exotic alloys

  • Metal and soft seated

  • Available in wafer and flanged styles

  • 1″ to 10″ standard, up to 28″

  • ASME Class 150 to 600


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