Aquaflow Oy, Veolia Water Technologies

Aquaflow Oy, Veolia Water Technologies

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Aquaflow's AF-Sed™ Clarifiers

Aquaflow's AF-Sed™ Clarifiers

Aquaflow's Primary and Secondary Thickening Clarifiers are Designed for All Kinds of Pulp and Paper mill Effluents

Aquaflow Primary Clarifiers provide high sludge consistency, operational simplicity and very low operating and maintenance costs.

Aquaflow Secondary Thickening Clarifiers manage a quick return of living biomass to operation in clarifier sizes. Integrated thickening ensures good quality of excess sludge without odor problems.

Features & Benefits

Your benefits when using AF-Sed™ Secondary Thickening Clarifier:

High excess sludge concentration.

Efficient removal of heavy and big particles without plugging the withdrawal pipes.

Possibility to keep sludge in aerobic condition because of fast return to aeration.

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