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Glassine release papers

Glassine release papers

Glassine release papers

Acti-V® patented technology

Less catalyst required

Faster curing

Stronger and more stable anchorage


Based on patented technology, Acti-V® supercalendered release papers for silicone coating play an active role in the silicone curing and anchorage process.

A complete range of products delivering efficiency and reliability in all release liner needs for PSA labeling, specialty tape, medical, industrial and composites applications:

  •  is available in substances from 50 to 140 gsm

  • Six different colors.

  • Acti-V® industrial versions are suitable for silicone coating on both sides.

  • Main applications include:

  • PSA label-stock laminates

  • tape, medical, industrial materials and components

  • Suitable for all silicone systems: solvent free, solvent, emulsion and UV.

  • Can be ordered with FSC® or PEFC™ certification.


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