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Fluid Coils

Fluid Coils

Advanced Coil thermal fluid cooling coils are ideal for a wide variety of industrial heating, cooling and freezing applications such as vapor condensing, freeze drying, process cooling, cryogenics and other specialty cooling applications.

Thermal fluid cooling coils generally utilize high-pressure flanges to ensure a reliable and tight system. These coils may require a ‘U’ stamp in accordance with Section VIII, Division I of the ASME Pressure Vessel Code to meet the specifications of the installation. Coils installed in Canada may require a Canadian Registration Number (CRN) to meet jurisdictional requirements. Thermal fluid cooling coils that are used in applications where products in the air steam can condense should be designed with an airside face velocity below 500 feet per minute to reduce the potential for entrainment of condensed liquids in the leaving airstream.

Custom Thermal Fluid Coil Applications

  • Make-up air preheating

  • Vapor condensing

  • Process drying

  • Freeze drying

  • Heat treatment

  • Process cooling

  • Area heating

  • Cryogenics

  • Heat recovery

  • Area cooling

  • Heat dumps


We design and manufacture our cooling coils to accommodate the rigors of these applications. Our free-floating segmented design accommodates the high-temperature loads and thermal expansion and contraction forces. The unexpanded stainless steel (304 or 316) tubes are well suited for corrosive environments. Our heavy walled tubes and TIG welded construction allows us to design coils for either high or low temperature and/or high-pressure applications.

Custom Thermal Fluid Coil Case Types

Advanced Coil manufactures thermal fluid cooling coils in several case types including:

  • Standard

  • Baffled

  • Air Tight

  • Slide-out


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