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Air Handling Systems

Air Handling Systems

Air handling systems, also referred to as air handling units, are manufactured to supply and circulate air around a building. Air handling units (AHUs) are also utilized to extract air as part f a building’s heating and air conditioning system. Manufacturing an air handling system comprises of a large insulates metal box containing a fan, heating and cooling elements, dampers, and several other elements. Advanced Coil’s industrial air handling units are designed to supply fresh air for ventilation while extracting stale air. air handing systems

Air Handling Unit Manufacturing

Advanced Coil designs and manufactures a variety of air handling units based on your specifications including size, temperatures, and environments. In addition to the various types of coils, casings, and housings, Advanced Coil can also design and manufacture complete, robust industrial air handling units and other custom components including:


  • Return and Make-up Air Units


  • Face & Bypass Units


  • High Pressure Skid Mounted


  • Filtration


  • 30% roughing filters to HEPA filters


  • Blowers/fans


  • Dampers


  • Access doors and panels

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