Industrial Spray Nozzles

Spray Nozzles: Abhi Industrial manufacturer of variety of spray nozzles for use in several applications across the pulp and paper industry Range of nozzles include fanjet/fishtail spray nozzles, high pressure spray nozzles, low pressure lubricating spray nozzles, head box foam killing / deinking cell nozzles, knockdown & edge trim nozzles, dome type spray nozzles for brush showers. The High pressure spray nozzles and brush shower nozzles are available in SS, ceramic and Ruby. Trim Squirts are available in ceramic, ruby. All the spray nozzles are made in full cone, hollow cone, wide angle, extra wide angle, mist, fogger and spiral cone.


All these developments are made possible due to our in-house testing facility where flow pattern, spray coverage, spray distribution, spray impact & other spray details are thoroughly checked at different pressures. This stringent testing ensures a consistency in achieving optimum performance in process requirement & maintaining high quality standards. These nozzles are available mainly in AISI 304/ 316 and other materials such as Brass, AISI 410, P.P, PTFE, PVDF etc. On request nozzles from other machinable materials can also be supplied. We also supply our customers with complete technical documents for proper production application.

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