Top Emerging And Latest Trends In Printing Industry

In the past decade or so, the printing world has gone through a tremendous transformation. The process of printing has been completely revolutionized and eased the whole experience for the users. One of the major concerns of printer owners all over the world are the cost-effective printers, that are capable of generating high-quality prints.

We are going to have a look at few of the latest printing industry trends, that you should look forward to in the coming years.

A) 3D Printing Will Penetrate Into Different Sectors

One of the latest and emerging digital printing trends in the market that is running successfully. By making use of the additive manufacturing process or 3D printing, we can produce three-dimensional objects. The 3D printing technology has a pivotal role to play in various industries. A lot of internal processes, which appeared quite intricate with 2D printing, are simplified with this new printing industry trend. However, be it the manufacturing or even medical, there are quite a few industries, where 3D printing can penetrate into.

B) Expertise In IT Will Be Key

Acquiring IT providers can be an effective means for manufacturers or large channel organizations, in gaining the support expertise and specialized sales required in the world of digital disruption. As per industry research, businesses will favor IT service providers over traditional print suppliers by 2025. As such, the IT expertise of channel partners must be expanded, either by partnering with experienced IT service providers or organically. This would allow for access to a broader product portfolio like print security, as part of an overall managed security service offering.

C) Sheet Fed Digital Printing

 A relatively new concept in the printing industry and is quite a few new system that  have already hit the shelve. Some of the renowned vendors such as Konica, Screen, HP, Minolta, Fujifilm have already adopted this printing industry trend. The commercial printing companies would be benefited by this sheet fed digital printing as they would have the ability to print close to B2 (707 X 500 MM)sheets. This would completely transform the way in which companies go about their printing business. However, the cost of digital printing is going down and the format sizes are expanding.

D) Print Security Spending Will Be Fuelled by IoT

IoT-type security vulnerabilities on printers could prove to be a danger, as cyber attacks exploiting IoT continue to become more common. When maintaining security, there are many challenges with mixed fleet of printers, both old and new. Although General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has driven print security improvements, some organizations however lack the knowledge of security risks posed by multi-function printers (MPS). The confidential information stored on print devices can be accessed by attackers who can use them as network access points, much like other networked IoT devices. The MPS providers, as part of their service offerings, maintain and manage print devices through the cloud and put out patches to ensure security. Using patch management through the cloud, a vendor is expected to know about the vulnerability first, and fix it as soon as possible.

Print manufacturers need to expand their services to include security monitoring and assessment, particularly in threat intelligence, in the future. The year, 2019, will see competitors, a lot of print service providers being managed, treating print security with the same priority as the rest of IT infrastructure.

E) Cost Effective Printing Is Of Prime Demand

The aspect of cost-effectiveness is generally stressed upon more by an average printer user, when compared to the advanced features that the modern day printers include these days. The concept of printing is just not restricted to the workplaces, but it has become an integral part of our homes as well. Keeping in mind about the home-based users, most of the printer manufacturers are coming up with cost-effective printers.

F) Erasable Printing Technology

Japanese multinational Toshiba, demonstrated the first prototype of the erasable printing technology. All the contents that are showcased on a piece of paper are automatically erased with this technology. This whole concept of erasable technology was taken from the technology that was proposed for pilot pens. A revolutionary technology, where users do not have to worry about the incorrect printing material. You just have to put it back into the printer and the content will be erased.

G) Security Printing

This is one of the common needs of every organization in the printing industry. Without having a stringent security system, no firm or organization can function. In this respect, a lot of stern and dramatic changes have been made. It has become vital to implement some hard steps, in order to enhance the security, due to the increased number of threats. Advanced substrates, 2D bar coding, biometrics, unique links are some of the recent advances that are being made in security printing.

H) Cloud Printing

This printing industry trend is utilized by quite a few business organizations. However, it's still not utilized completely. This new technology is going to be adopted by more and more people, as it gives them the ability to use their tablet computers and smart phones for going about the printing job. The cloud printing services are being offered by most of the companies that will allow your printers to connect to the cloud servers. When compared with buying the expensive servers and resources, cloud-printing is a cost-effective alternative.

As per industry report titled, " Printed electronics Market by Material , Technology, Device, Industry, and Geography - Global Forecast to 2023", it states that, from a USD 6.8 billion in 2018, the printed electronics market is estimated to reach USD 13.6 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 14.92% during 2018-2023.

With the help of this article, you will get to know of the latest printing industry trends in the printing technology. There's a huge possibility that you will find quite latest printing industry trends in the coming years, as the world of printing is in a state of constant evolution. Ensuring cost-effective and high-quality print outputs, is the main objective of the developments made in the printing world.