Corrugated Equipment And Systems In Paper Industry

A corrugator or corrugation equipment is best defined as a set of machines that is designed to bring together three, five or seven sheets of paper in a continuous process to form a single, double or triple wall board. The corrugated boxes are an essential aspect of everyday life. It provides an easy to use and renewable source of packaging for virtually all products. A corrugated cardboard is one of those things that you see it every day. The corrugated paper board containers are used extensively in the packaging of industrial as well as consumer goods. The demand for corrugated boxes is encouraging, with proper packing and with growth of industries whose main products are in cosmetics, soaps, automobile components, crockery, glassware, pharmaceuticals and biscuits etc. The business of corrugated box is totally dependent upon the manufacturing segment (all kinds of goods, from foodstuff to refrigerators) of our economy. As the corrugated boxes cannot be shipped long distances economically, hence, box plants are normally placed close to manufacturing sites. It's necessary to have a very good high quality corrugation equipment, to start a corrugated box manufacturing machine. There could be various challenges, once you start a corrugated box manufacturing business, such as planning your production according to your schedule and capacity, managing the wastage, quality assurance for your raw materials and finished goods, on-time dispatch to your customers.

There are various corrugation equipment and systems used in paper industry. Few of them to include are :

  • Conveyor Roller and Belt
  • Automatic Folder Gluer Machine
  • Drum Winding Machine
  • Paper Machine Breast Roll
  • Roller Pressing Machine
  • Wire Rolls Machine
  • Felt Rolling Machine

A) Conveyor Roller and Belt

These rollers can be used in pallet handling, gravity roller conveyor, in wash down applications in chemical and food handling industries etc.

B) Automatic Folder Gluer Machines

This type of corrugation equipment in paper industry is suited especially for bulk production. They are very robust and also used for stampings. The specially designed worm mechanism along with conveyor coating unit of these machines ensures smooth up and down movement. Also provide suspension mechanism.


  • A heating and normalizing unit through fans
  • A separate drying unit can be connected to provide more drying time to the product
  • Working width of conveyor is 24 inch
  • For greater efficiency, a separate drying unit that is 18ft, can be connected with unit
  • More beneficial for the clutches, brakes and any type of stamping manufacturers
  • Length of the machine is generally 6 meters
  • A high production rate in coating on the surface
  • A durable and high featured control panel

With easy operation and less experience, it's suitable to paste all kinds of sheets and corrugated cardboard. But, you have to fast enough to change carton height and width. The ideal pasting size would be 260mm. It's a perfect machine for carton factory.

Within 30 years, the corrugated products have been sold to customers in more than 90 countries by Taiwan-based Ming Wei Paperware Machinery Co. Ltd. The company's products mainly include flexo printing machines, conveyor and auxiliary machines, corrugated cardboard making equipment, and in-line printing slotter die cutter machine. The company also specializes in manufacturing and designing turnkey plan on customers.

C) Drum Winding Machine

The winder drums, this type of corrugation equipment, are used in the paper machine re-winder.


  • Can lift up to 15 tonnes
  • Have a capacity tuning up to 15m in length and 1.3m in diameter

UK's leading independent roll manufacturer, Cope Engineering (Radcliffe) Limited (CERL) provides bearing assemblies and also rolls pullers, rotary unions, seals and gears can also be provided if required. The company specializes in the manufacture of rollers for the pulp and paper industry. Apart from this, it also undertakes general machining and precision engineering for a wide range of industries.

D) Paper Machine Breast Roll

Breast rolls, a type of corrugation equipment, are used in the forming section of a paper machine. The features are same as drum winding machine.

E) Roller Pressing Machine

The press rolls are used in a press section of a paper machine. Features are same as drum winding machine and paper machine breast roll.

F) Wire Rolls

The wire rolls are used in the forming section of a paper machine. Features are same as drum winding machine, paper machine breast roll and roller pressing machine.

G) Felt Rolling Machine

Two types of felt rolling machines are used : wet and dry. The wet felt rolls are used in the press section of a paper machine, whereas the dry felt rolls are used in the dying section of a paper machine. Features are same as drum winding machine, paper machine breast roll, roller pressing machine and wire rolls.

Market Insights :

As per TMR analysts, a steady growth rising at a 3.6 %. CAGR, is expected to be seen from the global corrugated boxes, during the forecast period, from 2017 to 2022. By the end of the forecast period, the market is anticipated to attain the valuation of US$ 115.15 bn.

The increasing popularity of online sales has been witnessed as a trend and a key driver by the global packaging industry, for packaging products in the global market. The popularity and success of online requires safe shipment of products. The e-commerce companies and online retailers will be compelled to implement new packaging techniques and use different types of corrugated boxes.