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Our business is based on a desire to help the client address the needs of their business, so we offer solutions that help you save resources, time and money. We believe in the quality of the products and services we provide!


KRONUS set out on its road to success in 1995, when it was founded as a transport company. However, two years later, the company changed its field of activity and began to produce pallets, and several years later, it expanded its product range by means of introducing pallet collars. The key stages in the development of the company were in 2006, when KRONUS set the goal of becoming the number one pallet collar manufacturer, and in 2014, this goal was achieved. In 2017, the company strengthened its position by doubling the production of this type of wooden packaging in comparison with 2014. On its way to success, the company overcame a number of difficulties associated with changes in the market and economic crises and was able to become a modern high-tech production company, all processes in which – both production and management ones – are carried out in accordance with high quality standards.

Since its creation, KRONUS has significantly increased the size of its production area, by having invested significant amounts in the purchase of equipment and new production facilities. In addition, the company actively invests in the development of the brand as well as in the quality of management processes and in staff training.