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SSG Training

SSG Training

SSG Training course has been tailored for the needs of process industry in the fields of technology, maintenance, purchasing, the environment and safety. SSG training service package offers teacher-supervised longer and shorter skill enhancement course with web-based safety and environmental training. SSG trainings assist the industry in maintaining high operating accessibility in a safe yet cost efficient manner.

SSG training course are based on SSG's documentation, standards, instructions and the requirements and regulations from public authorities added to industry's experience. SSG training is aimed at a variety of target groups like specialists, operators, company management, specially trained persons and supervisors in different posts.

SSG training course participants are offered:

  • Realistic situations and experience
  • Improved learning results when theory and practice go hand-in-hand
  • Knowledge required to work safely with advanced process equipment
  • Opportunity to gain insight into local directives, regulations and instructions
  • Exchange of experience between course participants
  • Insight into SSG’s various services and technical guidelines (SSG Standards)


Customers of SSG training are offered:

  • Flexibility concerning course content, length and location
  • Opportunity to influence and design the training process
  • Instructors with close connections to the facilities
  • Increased knowledge of SSG’s services and documents


SSG Publication License

SSG Publication License is a service for clients requiring the production of material containing information from SSG. Frequently used materials are excerpts from SSG Standards for product catalogues, online catalogues and training materials.

SSG publication license holders can monitor and obtain access to updated material for the industry standards that apply to, for example, HVAC and electricity. Company website holds information about SSG publication license used by clients along with material and texts. A publication agreement will provide SSG publication license and a permission to publish material.

How is the SSG publication license fee charged?

  • The SSG publication license is billed per year for the images and texts that are to be reproduced in, for example, product sheets online or in printed form.
  • The handling charge for SSG publication license is billed when the excerpt is ordered from the specified standards.

SSG publication license can be issued to customers with a subscription to the SSG Standard concerned.

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