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Our suction rolls are designed to meet your unique application. We have been manufacturing suction rolls for over 50 years for the paper industry. Throughout R-V’s history, including the acquisition of LG Industries, we have designed and manufactured nearly 300 suction rolls and overhauled hundreds of suction rolls for paper producing mills across the world. R-V manufactured rolls for all positions, which include couch, drum, pick-up, pressure, and press section rolls. No matter its classification, each suction roll has proven and reliable features to guarantee its operation.


  • Each part of the roll is designed to maintain efficiency through specific criteria. Some of the innovative features of each of these parts are listed below:

  • Bearings: Spherical roller bearings are mounted on tapered seats with hydraulic removal provisions. The bearings are designed to meet L-10 (120,000 hours) lifespan through the applicable loads and speeds.

  • Deckles Adjustments: Our standard deckles are opposing screw type mechanical adjustments.

  • Efficient Air Flows: All of our suction rolls are designed to achieve the proper air flow efficiency from the shell through the suction box and out the suction elbow.

  • Internal Bearings: We offer an internal bearing design that utilizes an inner ring rotation spherical roller bearing. The bearing is mounted on a tapered seat journal for easy installation and removal.

  • Internal Suction Box Seals: The seal between the suction box and the shell inside diameter is accomplished with rubber graphite seal strips (plain and silencer), end deckles with custom stainless steel loading springs, and air tube loading assemblies.

  • Showers: All rolls come standard with a seal strip lubrication shower and a cleaning shower.

  • Split Front Housing: Both models offer a split front housing that enables the bearings and vacuum connection to be accessed easily.

  • Suction Box Material: Our suction rolls are provided with stainless steel suction boxes unless a carbon steel painted box is preferred.

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