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PBM Valve

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Self Cleaning Ball Valves

Self Cleaning Ball Valves

PBM’s Self-Cleaning valves with Adjust-O-Seal® technology thoroughly clean valve internals during CIP in the full open position. These valves also provide full, unobstructed flow and bidirectional, bubble-tight shutoff. This offers significant advantages over floating ball designs, as well as diaphragm and butterfly valves..

  • USP Class VI elastomers and FDA complaint materials

  • Available in variety of materials including 316L, Hastelloy™, AL6XN™, many others

  • Variety of mechanical polish finishes as well as electropolish

  • Optional unique fire-rated sanitary design isolates product media from graphite

  • True-Bore® design ideal for pigging systems

  • Full range of direct-mount automation and controls

  • Optional Patented Locking Lever Handle

  • High pressure valve options available

  • Variety of end connections including extended tube or pipe weld ends, hygienic clamp, compression

  • Certified Material Test Reports (CMTRS) provided for wetted components

  • Independent Test Reports available

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