Gear Boxes and Geared Motors

NORD Gear Boxes and Geared Motors are built on the internally developed Block Housing Concept. The UNICASE Concept which offers maximum resilience, high torque strength, low noise and longer maintenance intervals. NORD offers superior range of selections for speed ratings in various gear unit designs such as Helical Inline, Shaft Mounting, Worm & Helical-Bevel for torque between 12 to 100000 Nm. NORD offers a wide variety of geared motors like Helical, parallel, and bevel gears and of course the special NORD BLOC and UNIVERSAL products.

Industrial Gear Units

NORD Frequency Inverters were developed according to the tried-and-tested unicase principle. The design was developed for a wide range of applications in many different sectors of industry. With all of the available options and modules it is very easy to configure especially compact drive solutions. This standardization guarantees quality, reduces the number of components, simplifies storage and ensures rapid availability for our customers.

NORDBLOC Frequency Inverters - Modular system for more flexibility with rectangular box shaped construction in Helical Parallel & Helical Bevel gear designs with torque between 90000 to 200000 Nm.

Other Products

Industrial Gear Motors

Shaft Mounted Gear Box

Decentral Drive Solutions