Industrial computers and I/O

System Upgrades – (Older competitors systems)


Computers and software upgrade


Millsight has upgraded many older systems to the latest technology.


  • Cost effective way to extend the life of an older system.
  • All computers supplied are industrial standard ensuring replacement availability for many years.
  • Utilising existing cabinet and some of the internal components.
  • Video QUAD processors are now obsolete, and are not required after the system upgrade.
  • Each recording computer (mRec) presents a “Video QUAD” view on the VGA port.
  • This VGA signal is then extended to the control room using a video-only KVM switch and CAT5/6 cable.
  • Existing I/O signals (digital and analog) are connected to one new 19” I/O panel installed in the cabinet.


Compatibility with existing equipment


The upgraded system will work with all existing cameras and lights installed on the paper machine or winder, both the older analog cameras and the newer GigE High Speed and High Quality Digital cameras. Both types of camera can be used together in the same system; this allows phased upgrades to include digital cameras for the future.

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