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Oil water separators

Oil water separators

Clearmake™ oil water separators are designed to remove free floating hydrocarbons such as diesel, hydraulic fluid and oil as well as heavier suspended solids from a waste water stream. This form of treatment is the minimum required prior to trade waste (sewer) discharge for any wash bay where hydrocarbons may be present.

Clearmake™ Separators are approved by:
Sydney Water – Ref: 2006-365
WA Water Corporation – Ref: JT1 2010 01224V01

Clearmake™ Separators test results and Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) independent product appraisal report


Standard Clearmake™ separators are constructed from high quality 304 stainless steel. They can however be upgraded to 316 grade stainless steel for marine or corrosive environments. Larger models have frames manufactured in hot dipped galvanised steel.

Superior Vertical Tube Coalescing (VTC) technology facilitates improved separation, via the unique spiral tubes, designed to assist in exercising the free floating oils to the surface. These specifically designed VTC blocks also provide optimum flow, serviceability and durability.


Standard treatment rates range from 800 to 56,000L/h and custom systems can be manufactured to treat flow rates in excess of 250,000L/h.


Clearmake™ controllers are manufactured to Australian Standards and configurations are available to meet Council requirements Australia wide. All separator control systems can be designed and manufactured to meet higher IP ratings, intrinsically safe standards for hazardous areas, spill control and general or specific mine specifications. The Clearmake™ standard controller comes with IP 53 rated GPO to facilitate site installation and pump replacements. Higher IP rated enclosures are available upon request.

If you have specific requirements, contact us about our custom water clarification systems.

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