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HC Continuous Boiler Blowdown Heat Recovery Systems

HC Continuous Boiler Blowdown Heat Recovery Systems

Madden Type HC Continuous Boiler Blowdown Heat Recovery Systems feature blowdown capacities up to 50,000 lbs. per hour. These HC series heat recovery systems work using the flash steam principle. When hot boiler blowdown enters the unit, it hits a baffle, this along with the pressure change causes some of the water to turn to flash steam. This flash steam is then sent off to the D/A tank to be reused. The remaining hot water is cooled with the U tube bundle in the bottom of the unit using cooling water. The cooled blowdown is then at statute limits for safe disposal and the resulting heated up cooling water is now boiler feed water supplied to the D/A tank.


  • Recovers 90% of lost heat

  • Payback period of less than 12 months is common

  • No solids build up

  • ASME code welded combined flash tank and heat exchanger vessel 150 psi construction.

  • U tubes of type 304 stainless steel. Tubes can be easily removed for inspection, cleaning and replacement.

  • Pressure gauge

  • External float valve of balanced pressure design. Only float mechanism is inside flash tank. Maintains sufficient blowdown water level in the flash tank to cover exchanger tubes at all times.

  • Temperature gauge panel continuously shows performance of unit and furnishes data to calculate savings.

  • Orifice meter flow controls are precision instruments that accurately control the rate of blowdown. Proven in thousands of installations (Available as an option).

  • Customized inlet flow control manifold. Six boilers or more can easily be tied into one heat recovery system.

  • Relief Valve

  • Gauge glass set

  • 6” x 8” Hand hole for inspection

  • Heavy duty saddle type mounting base

  • High level float with alarm (optional)

  • Makeup water inlet flanged connection

  • Makeup water outlet flanged connection

  • Flanged flash steam vent connection

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