Jonsac Ab

Jonsac Ab

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Refuse Bags

Refuse Bags

Refuse Bags


Applications The Jonsac compost bag is intended for a wide variety of applications: domestic, municipal authorities, industry, sanitation and compost plants.

BenefitsThe Jonsac compost bag has many benefits for the environment:

  • Completely biodegradable: The paper "disappears" along with its content.

  • Wet resistant thanks to the WS-treatment ”Wet Strength”.

  • Stable, can be used without a holder.

  • Easy to close/seal.

  • Cost-efficient: Makes for easier handling, thus lowering handling costs.

  • Easy to identify. Saves collection time.

  • Imageboosting for municipal authorities: Prints using waterbased colours give an opportunity to spread information in an ecological way.


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