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Laminated Paper Wine Bags

Laminated Paper Wine Bags

Gift or sell wine with reusable laminated paper wine bags

Consumers can leave those crumpled, easily-torn wine bags from the liquor store behind and instead bring a reusable laminated paper wine bag for your next trip to the liquor store. Retailers can redefine gifting wine by selling branded, decorative and reusable laminated paper wine bags with each purchase.

Dress up your bottle with laminated paper wine bags

Laminated paper wine bags are durable, customizable and great for grocery stores, wine stores, gift shops and liquor stores. Sleek, stylish and reusable, these wine bags are the perfect complement to any bottle of wine, regardless of the event or occasion.

Custom laminated paper bags

Classy and elegant, this single-bottle laminated paper bag with spot varnish is perfect for showcasing an exceptional wine. Use them for your winery, sell them where bottles of wine are sold or to protect bottles during transport.

Dimensions: 16.5″H x 4″W x 3″ gusset

Handles gold 12″ PP cord, knotted

Optional cardboard bottom liner and hangtag

Minimum quantity 5000pcs

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