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IBS Austria GmbH

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Paper tapes

Paper tapes

Paper tapes for reel change systems

We offer a wide range and patented solutions.

The distinction is in the detail, even when it comes to Turn-Up paper tapes. These Turn-Up tapes guarantee the safest and most economical sheet transfer for a wide range of paper widths, basis weights and machine speeds. Patented folded paper tape technology paves the way for using the thinnest possible tapes, reducing sheet marking and increasing output as a result. This makes the technology in IBS Turn-Up-Systems even more advanced.

•Wide range of types for any application.

•Thinner tapes reduce unnecessary waste.

•Patented folded design.

•Made in Austria to the highest quality standards.

•Paper tape completely recyclable in the material cycle.

•High changeability due to smooth surface.

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