H.C. Ribberink Papier Agenturen B.V.

H.C. Ribberink Papier Agenturen B.V.

Watercirkel 302, 1186 NE Amstelveen, Netherlands



Specialties is a broad term for paper-related products. Below you will find a selection of specialties from our range.

We are happy to develop products with you tailored to your specific application.


Candy twisting / folding wrappers

Eucalyptus Pulp

Medical leaflet ironed and uncoated

Security paper

Base paper for metalizing

wax papers

Low weight barrier coating (oil, water, grease)

Interleaving paper / Interleaving

Laminate paper

HPDE film silicone base and label

One side coated MG Kraft silicone base

Paper for self-adhesive industry

Recycled Ironed MG Kraft Silicone Base

Wood-free one-sided ironed label

One side coated silicone base

Woodfree uncoated label vellum, laser, colored

Double side coated silicone base

Wood-free uncoated colored label

Glassine silicone base

Thermal Transfer Label

Low weight silicone base

Uncoated recycled label


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