Fourstones Papermill Co. Ltd.

Fourstones Papermill Co. Ltd.

South Tyne Mill, Fourstones, Hexham, Northumberland, NE46 3SD United Kingdom

Domestic Toilet Rolls

Domestic Toilet Rolls

Domestic Toilet Roll

Sapphire Domestic Toilet Rolls are ideal for any washroom using conventional sized toilet rolls. Our range provides two soft and luxurious options for your customer;

200 Sheet Domestic Toilet Roll

An economy 200 sheet embossed toilet roll ideal for washrooms on a budget as well as locations that may result in high theft such as hotels and public restrooms.

320 Sheet Domestic Toilet Roll

A quality 320 sheet toilet roll, embossed for extra softness, our 320 Sheet Toilet Rolls are a great alternative to big brand names.

– UK manufactured – Soft and smooth – Perforated for easy tear – Long length – Standard sized roll – Soft and smooth –

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