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Finch Opaque

Finch Opaque

Finch Opaque

Finch Opaque is best known for its brightness and smoothness — qualities printers consistently value the most. Finch makes the smoothest Opaque for best-in-class print performance, and Finch has more items in stock with more selection in weights, shades, finishes and sizes. Finch Opaque features a 96-bright balanced shade for true-to-life flesh tones, landscapes and textiles, and is easy on the eyes for reading.

Finch Opaque is the genuine Opaque with more choices.


  • 96-bright for true-to-life color and pop
  • Bright White and Vanilla
  • Smooth, Vellum and Wove
  • 40 lb. text to 100 lb. cover
  • High opacity to prevent show-through
  • Press-ready skids, cartons and rolls
  • FSC®-certified stocked sheets
  • SFI®-certified sheets and rolls
  • 10% post-consumer recycled fiber available upon request
  • Dependable availability, runnability and productivity
  • Acid-free for archival quality


  • Financial reports
  • Direct mail
  • Manuals
  • Catalogs

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Finch Opaque Digital
Finch Inkjet Pi

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Contact your local paper distributor for envelope orders and information. Finch Opaque envelopes are stocked by Leader Paper Products and other select convertors.

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