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At Chicago Heights Steel, our versatility means we can efficiently create the products you need.



Chicago Heights Steel has the versatility to adapt to a wide variety of requests and give our customers the flexibility to design products to suit their specific needs. A broad spectrum of industries, from agriculture to construction, to transportation to energy fields, use our rail-steel products because they are unmatched for durability, toughness, and tensile strength.

Diverse applications of our high carbon steel include:

  • Meter Posts

  • Rail Anchors

  • Truck Beds

  • Delineator Posts

  • Shelving Equipment and Lockers

  • Various Angles, Channels, Flats and Tees

  • Special Sections

These are just a few examples of industrial products which are taking advantage of rail steel’s incredible qualities: the high-tensile strength for durability, the superior stiffness to resist distortions and deflections, the sufficient ductility to perform the most operations.

Manufacturers also appreciate rail steel’s economic benefits. By using rail steel in their products, they are able to realize tremendous savings in production, inventory and shipping. Manufacturers know that if they need an order handled quickly and efficiently, they can turn to Chicago Heights Steel.

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