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Oil Handling Plant

Oil Handling Plant

Insulating or Transformer Oil Handling Plant

for hanlding and maintenance of large quantity of transformer oil

Insulating/Transformer Oil Handling System is the complete solution to handle the insulating/transformer oil, the system is able to keep the new and old oil in excellent condition. The Insulating/transformer oil handling system consists of the following equipment:

  • Skid or Trolley mounted Insulating/Transformer oil filtration plant with inbuilt transformer evacuation system,
  • Regenerative air dryer,
  • Insulating oil transfer pump,
  • Insulating oil storage tank,
  • Separate Evacuation System for Transformer tanks

Insulating/Transformer Oil Filtration System

The purifier is capable of processing the oil on single pass basis at rated flow to the following specification:

  • Moisture content : Less than 5 PPM
  • Gas content : Less than 0.1% by volume
  • Dielectric strength : 70 kV across 2.5 mm gap
  • Filtration : Less than 1 micron
  • Power factor/Tan Delta at 900C : 0.002

The insulating/transformer oil filtration machine comes with the inbuilt transformer evacuation system

  • Capacity to have an ultimate blank-off of 10-4 Torr or less,
  • Evacuation to the level of 0.1 Torr or less when connected to main transformer tank.

Regenerative Air dryers

The air dryer is regenerative type to fill the dry air in transformers when required.

Transformer Evacuation System

Transformer evacuation system consisting of vacuum pumps, roots pump, etc. is provided for purpose of evacuating transformer tank and have sufficient capacity and evacuation level, when connected to main transformer tank. Vacuum gauges is also provided to monitor vacuum at various stages in the transformer evacuation system.

Oil Storage Tank

The oil tank is horizontally mounted on wheels equipped with inspection manholes & gauge glasses. The tank can also be provided with suitable saddles so that it can be rested on ground after removing from the trolley. All tank vents are fitted with dehydrators to prevent the entry of moisture into the tanks. The oil tanks shall be vacuum tested and for leakage as well.

Oil Transfer Pump

The oil transfer pump is of vacuum tight positive displacement gear type with horizontal driving shaft directly connected to its electric motor through a flexible coupling. The oil transfer pump can be wheel (castor wheel or pneumatic wheel) mounted or skid mounted. The transfer pump is equipped with pressure relief valve to protect the pump against excessive pressure in case of throttling in the discharge line.

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