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Aries Chemical, Inc.

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Retention Drainage And Formation Aids

Retention Drainage And Formation Aids

Pulp & Paper: Retention, Drainage And Formation Aids

Aries offers a comprehensive line of retention, drainage and formation aids for paper making to help papermakers balance wet end performance. The possibility of retaining most of the fibers (cellulose, wood pulp, etc.) and process additives is extremely important in the production process: it keeps costs under control, eliminates waste, improves the quality of the paper, and reduces environmental impact. Aries product line includes FDA compliant and Food Grade products.

Aries technical sales group is trained to develop the best-wet end program to optimize retention, drainage, and formation. Aries can provide on-site or laboratory testing to select the best program for your application. Aries has the expertise to minimize your chemical costs and maximize the impact upon your machine. Aries can design and supply automated dosing systems that provide safe and effective retention, drainage and formation.

Aries’ Benefits:


  • Improved runnability


  • Increased paper quality


  • Improved dewatering and retention of papermaking chemicals


  • Paper chemical cost savings


  • Higher productivity at lower cost


  • Longer felt life


  • Reduced dryer energy costs

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