Suppliers announce price hikes for UWF paper in Poland

Thursday, Apr 09, 2015

Some key manufacturers of UWF paper have announced price hikes on the Polish market. Their endeavours are being backed by a growth in consumption, high demand and reduced supply.

A sizeable leap in first-quarter deliveries, good to excellent order books and, not infrequently, enquiries from new customers have shaped business for woodfree uncoated paper manufacturers in Poland so far this year. All key stakeholders were thoroughly content with volumes at the end of March, above all in the offset business, but also for office paper. Traders said that they were still having problems sourcing folio sheets, with allotments reported in a few cases.

Market player said that this situation was spurred by a combination of seasonally strong demand faced by Polish converters, another increase in Polish fine paper consumption over the past few months and curbed supply in Europe. The exchange rate situation meant that less paper was being imported from overseas and created better export opportunities for European paper manufacturers in markets where the US dollar dominates.

As had looked likely back at the end of January, all key manufacturers for the Polish market announced plans to tack on more for uncoated fine paper in the past few weeks. In the final week of March, however, insiders felt that it was still a little too early to judge the outcome of this attempt.

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