Springer and Microtec supply equipment to Berneck’s mill in Curitibanos, Brazil

25 April 2017

In order to increase production capacity in the dry-sorter and planer line for quality grading of boards at the mill in Curitibanos, Brazil, Berneck decided to invest in new software and machinery products engineered in cooperation with Springer and Microtec. While Microtec delivered all lumber quality scanning and optimization devices, as well as PLC control, Springer planned the mechanical components, as the company said in the press release received by Lesprom Network.

Springer provided a line feed with a double tilt hoist system, a servo lug loader with special hold down belt, a trimmer, a tray sorter for planned lumber, a stacker with multi-cross-cut and double lift, a packaging system with foil dispenser, a Pascal press and a strapper. With a feeding speed up to 1.8 m/sec in transversal feeding that is max. 165 boards per minute at 640 mm (25 inch) lug space, this installation is the fastest and most modern planer mill in South America.

The heart of this new industrial unit in Curitibanos is Goldeneye 900 Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner in transverse feeding for dry sorting. The Goldeneye 900 series combines the advantages of sensing technologies with robust industrial design to provide constant, predictable grading performance during the production of lumber products, maximizing fiber value recovery.

Immediately after the Goldeneye 900 Scanner there is the first Microtec Viscan Strength Grader in Brazil equipped with an X-ray, which determines the density of the boards and predicts their strength. Boards are automatically classified into strength classes and transported to the right bins. The sorting process is carried out by Variosort Lumber Sorter, the fully automated Microtec software that supervises sorting, packaging and wrapping of the boards.

Berneck’s industrial complex consists of more than 170,000 m² with three manufacturing units. The headquarters of Berneck are located in Araucaria with the MDP Factory, MDF/HDF Factory, the unit for laminates with BP (low pressure melamine), FF (Finish foil) and Super Laca, the most modern sawmill in Brazil.

Springer is Europe’s number 1 in the production of bespoke high-performance plants and concepts for the sawmilling and wood-processing industries.


Source: lesprom.com