Södra’s net profit for 2014 raised SEK1.3bn

2 March 2015

Swedish Södra closed its business year 2014 with a net profit of SEK1.302bn after having recorded a loss of -SEK532m the year before. The ROC, which had also remained negative in 2013, was back into positive double figures in 2014 at +13%. Lars Idermark, Södra’s president and CEO, attributed the improvement in results partly to the measures already implemented within the group to cut costs and increase efficiency. Higher sales volumes and prices for pulp, logs, and lumber as well as currency gains also made a significant contribution to the growth in sales and performance. Södra concluded the third four-month period with an 8.6% increase in sales revenue to SEK5.910bn. Here, the operating result for the group as a whole was improved by 36.6% to SEK504m and the pre-tax result from SEK351m to SEK507m. Net profit rose by 61.1% in the period under review to SEK506m.


Source : http://www.euwid-wood-products.com/